SAE Alumni collaborate for BROKEN CONTRACT


10 Nov 2014




SAE Alumni collaborate for BROKEN CONTRACT

10 Nov 2014

Four SAE Australia Alumni have worked together to create action/comedy feature film, Broken Contract, starring Australian actors Esther Anderson and Christopher Morris.

James Pentecost, Hayden Fortescue, Michael Fragomeni and Aaron Welch were graduates of SAE Perth from different disciplines – Film, Music and Animation.

Having met on previous projects, Writer and Director James and Producer Hayden brought Michael and Aaron on board after recommendations from various contacts, including former SAE staff.

“I started working with Mike Fragomeni on my first feature film, ‘Twisted Minds’,” James said. “He was, and still is, working with Brainestorm Studios who we arranged to handle our sound mix for the film. 

On SAE Perth Animation Graduate, Aaron Welch, James said, “Aaron was actually recommended to me via Dan Moller, a former SAE Perth lecturer… We were impressed with the work Aaron’s crew at Red Bird put in on the project and we have since gone on to work on some more commercial projects together.”

Red Bird Creative leader Aaron Welch also endorsed the collaborative nature of the project.

“What I love is from the very beginning we have all have worked like a great team, and the common thread here is SAE,” Aaron said.

Broken Contract is a story about Max (Morris), a down-on-his-luck club owner struggling to make ends meet. When a local gang threatens both his livelihood and his family, Max hires a hitman to protect the ones he loves. Before long, Max is blinded by his newfound power and soon finds himself spinning out of control as friends and enemies alike start disappearing. Gangsters, cross dressers, lovers and hitmen - a film where nobody can be trusted.

The film was shot in the West Australian capital during April/May of this year – filming across various locations including Cottesloe, Leederville, Perth CBD and the streets of Fremantle.

Sound engineer Mike Fragomeni said it was a really positive experience working with James and his team on the film.

 “James is a great collaborator,” Mike said. “He knows when he can trust me to do my own thing, but also when to steer me back towards his vision for the film.

“He’s mild-mannered (especially for a film-director!), but he is super dedicated to his work, and that dedication really rubs off on the rest of us,” he said.

The film is due to be released in early 2015.

You can watch the official trailer here. 

Those interested in keeping up to date with the film’s post production can visit its Facebook page where exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, pictures, and videos are updated regularly –