Perth Graduate Finds Success Through Podcasting


17 Nov 2019

Chris Mottram



Perth Graduate Finds Success Through Podcasting

17 Nov 2019

Chris Mottram was in the right place at the right time. Graduating with a Bachelor of Audio and as Valedictorian from SAE Perth in 2015, the successful podcast producer has experienced his own career trajectory with the growth of the industry. 

And Chris’ experience is backed by research, stats released by Roy Morgan says that in 2019, 1.3 million Australians downloaded podcasts to their mobile phone every four weeks on average – an increase of more than 215% since 2015. 

“After I graduated business really started to boom, I started out when the medium was solidly starting to become part of the mainstream”

With many businesses adopting podcasting as part of their content strategy, along with a raft of celebrities hosting and appearing on podcasts, it's clear that the industry is here to stay. 

“No-one knew what a podcast producer was when I first started out, now nobody blinks twice when I say that’s what I do for a job,” Chris says. 

Chris says he initially enrolled in an audio degree because he wanted to be a music producer, but his hobby of listening to podcasts turned into a career. 

“During my studies I spent a lot of time with the film class editing dialogue, that process and cross-collaboration was instrumental to my current career.”

The Bachelor of Audio taught Chris how to mix and master audio as well as soft skills such as networking and working with clients. 

While still studying, Chris began by offering his services as a podcast producer on freelancing websites and had three or four regular clients by the time he had graduated. By continuing to build on this client base he started his company Podcastily in 2016. 

While Chris is still predominantly based out of Perth, his team and most of his clients are in the US, an arrangement that actually suits the business as Chris can use the time difference to his advantage. 

“Podcasts are recorded in the US and the file is sent to me in Australia. I can edit it ‘overnight’ and have it back to the client by their morning the next day.”

The arrangement also means that travel is easily accommodated and Chris has been spending time in the UK and the US this year. 

“While I have a studio setup at home, all I really need is a laptop and a DAW such as Pro Tools and I can work on the go.”

“Through Podcastily, the episodes I've worked on have over 25,000,000 combined downloads, I've produced over 4,000 episodes and some of the podcasts I've produced have hit number 1 in their Apple Podcasts charts,” Chris says. “My team and I currently manage a few dozen podcasts that are produced on a weekly basis”

With the amount of different podcasts that Chris listens to he has become an expert in all fields, although he enjoys some a bit more than others. 

“While it’s hard to pick favourites, a highlight would be DKMH with Dacre Montgomery, a beat poetry podcast. It was so unique, and excitingly we have just started production on some new episodes.”

Chris has seen some podcasts come and go, but his advice to those starting out is to expect to play the long game. 

“It can take a while to build an audience if you are not well known, but the reward if you can make it successful is worth the effort.”

And what does Chris do now with his enjoyable hobby that has turned into a career?

“While I don’t listen to podcasts that I’m not producing myself too much anymore, I do still enjoy listening to The Joe Rogan Experience, it was one of the first podcasts I discovered and I really enjoy the calibre of guests.” 


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