Paul Duras


29 Jan 2019

paul duras HERO sae crew



Paul Duras

29 Jan 2019

Music producer, EMP lecturer and meme lover Paul Duras is this week's feature #SAECREW star!MY NAME IS P DURAS1



What music are you loving right now?

The Presets

Christopher Port

Cosmo's Midnight

Golden Features

Black Loops

Flight Facilities

Why do you love working at SAE?

Working with like-minded people. 

What is the best fun fact about yourself?

I love memes.

How do you like to spend your time outside of SAE?

I enjoy watching Netflix, catching up with friends, Hikes. You

might catch me playing the occasional video game.

What is your life motto?


What is your dream holiday destination?



Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

Just working on my artist profile "Street Level" which focuses on House music.

I also run a monthly mix show on DI.FM called "Spray Can Audio"


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