'Meaningless' makes it to LA


14 Oct 2019

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'Meaningless' makes it to LA

14 Oct 2019

SAE Institute Sydney graduate, Tyson Di Rosa is a finalist of the SAE International Film Festival presented by Short+Sweet.

His animation entry, 'Meaningless', has been shortlisted in the student program and will be included in the International Short+Sweet Gala final in Los Angeles on October 22nd.

Tyson's film will be eligible for nomination for an Academy Award thanks to a partnership between Short+Sweet and the American Documentary Film Festival.

We spoke to Tyson about this incredible achievement. 

Could you please tell us a little bit more about your film Meaningless?

Meaningless is a short stop animation loosely based off of the myth of Sisyphus. Basically Sisyphus was punished to preform the meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again. So my film is exploring the idea of finding meaning in a meaningless task. There is also a lot of subtext in there for anyone that looks past the surface. 

Have you worked with stop motion before? Why do you choose to work with this medium?

This is actually my first stop animation, I have never animated before. So it was a big learning curve for me as I knew a bit about stop motion but never enough to actually make something. I chose to do a stop animation as I have a soft spot for the medium and I wanted to challenge myself to even see if I could accomplish it. 


Why did you choose to enter Short+Sweet?

Funny enough my partner told me about an email that SAE sent out to us about the Short + Sweet festival, after reading it I entered straight away. 

What does it mean to you to be named a finalist?

It’s a wonderful feeling to be a finalist, I’m so grateful that Meaningless got chosen. I’m just so happy that people are watching the film, because at the end of the day I just want to entertain people. It was a stiff competition and I just want to say congrats to everyone else that entered S+S. 

You are currently in the US, are you planning on attending the S+S Gala in LA on October 22nd?

Yes, I am planning on attending the gala night, it’s going to be an incredible evening and I’m looking forward to watching some more brilliant short films! 


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