Marc Rosenberg Masterclass


13 May 2014

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Marc Rosenberg Masterclass

13 May 2014

Earlier this month SAE Melbourne played host to acclaimed American screenwriter and producer Marc Rosenberg.  

Immigrating to Australia in the 1970s, Marc collaborated with lauded director Phillip Noyce on the screenplay for his feature directorial debut Heatwave. He continued his acclaimed screenwriting career with screenplays for Dingo (Starring Miles Davis) and December Boys (Starring Daniel Radcliffe) just to name a few.

The full day screenwriting workshop was an incredible success. Melbourne’s lecture theatre was full to the brim with students and lecturers across every one of our courses. Also in attendance were dozens of SAE alumni and budding filmmakers from across Melbourne.

Marc gave us a look back on his successful thirty-year screenwriting career across the globe. Providing both old hat film lecturers and those new to the filmmaking game with an insider’s insight into building a successful screenwriting career and knocking out award-winning screenplays.

Some of the topics covered across the day were screenwriting techniques such as three-act structure, development of character arcs, good screenwriting practices and habits and screen business and contracting.

Marc also threw in a few insider tips towards getting a screenplay up on the big screen and dealing with the politics of movie studios and head honcho moguls. Who knows? Marc’s advice may have SAE’s students soon knocking on Hollywood’s door...