Luke Van Halen - Campus Librarian


23 Oct 2018




Luke Van Halen - Campus Librarian

23 Oct 2018

 In this weeks edition of Hi! My name is..... we meet Campus Librarian at SAE Melbourne, Luke Van Halen.




I only just made my Goodreads account so excuse me if its a bit bare! van-halen

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What music are you loving right now?

I don't really use Spotify or Soundcloud so allow me to use this opportunity to plug my partner's bangin' Dancehall playlist; its great for parties! 

I listen to pretty much every genre of music but I have a special fondness for Classical music as well as musicals.

Why do you love working at SAE?

The culture and the student base!

It never ceases to amaze me how the atmosphere of the campus is so laid back and relaxed while at the same time being so welcoming and inclusive of everyone. A lot of the time I feel like I'm not really working when I'm here at SAE; getting to chat with the students here is so much fun! It is so amazing to be able to discuss sociology, philosophy, politics and all sorts of amazing creative projects of different sorts in a safe environment where everyone is open and understanding; you honestly don't get to experience this kind of stuff outside of University!

What is the best fun fact about yourself?

There are no fun facts about Librarians.

How do you like to spend your time outside of SAE?

<pI've got a quite a few hobbies, some of them I even get to share with the students and staff at SAE!

I love watching combat sports; boxing, MMA, wrestling, kickboxing and BJJ. In addition to watching I also dabble in training as a hobbyist.

body copy LV HALEN 

I'm a fan of watching and analyzing movies. I love classic cinema and also have a soft spot for bad action and horror movies. Also I have seen every vampire movie ever made (my secret shame).

I love to read (I guess that goes with the job though). I especially enjoy classic literature and poetry. I'm currently reading Fat City and The Fight after which I'm planning on reading The Dream of the Red Chamber.

I enjoy tabletop and card games. I run a Tabletop Gaming Group at SAE; the most popular game at the moment is D&D. I love MtG and play on the weekends when I can.

What is your life motto?

To be honest I don't have one (do most people have one?). But here's a latin phrase I googled to look smart;

"non scholæ sed vitæ discimus".

What is your dream holiday destination?

Probably that dream I had where I could fly and Terry Crews invited me to a house party at his place.

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

One thing I'm doing at the moment is using the 3D printer which we just got here at Melbourne Campus to print out figurines for the D&D groups! 


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