Live at SAE Melbourne: Paul McCartney’s Top Sound Engineer


29 Nov 2017




Live at SAE Melbourne: Paul McCartney’s Top Sound Engineer

29 Nov 2017

“PABs is one of the world’s most experienced engineers; we’re going to be filling the room, there’ll be people everywhere,” said SAE audio lecturer, Tim Dalton, speaking of his long time contemporary and friend, Paul “PAB” Boothroyd who will be giving a masterclass at SAE Melbourne on Wednesday, December 6 in between gigs with none other than Sir Paul McCartney. Boothroyd has long been the front of house sound engineer for McCartney and is currently mixing the epic and orchestral sounds on the Rock n Roll Hall of Famer’s worldwide One on One tour.

Boothroyd will be working his sound magic for two nights at AAMI Park, stopping at SAE Melbourne on Wednesday from 11am-1pm to share his wisdom and his many stories from decades of mixing and engineering some of the world’s biggest bands and musicians including AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, the Eurythmics, P!nk and Faith Hill. Then, after he’s done signing autographs (no doubt) for SAE students and the broader community, he’ll head back to the stadium.

The Sound Advice masterclass is a rare and incredible opportunity for any music lover, especially audio engineers, musicians, technicians, producers and tour managers — aspiring and seasoned alike. Boothroyd will be in conversation with SAE’s Tim Dalton, about the ‘good old days’ through to now, and on the many layers of how to navigate audio jobs, the industry and how to make a good living from music.

“One of PAB’s most endearing qualities is that he’s a lifelong learner, which fits into what we advocate at SAE — it’s all about constantly learning and developing new skills,” says Dalton, who has known PAB for many decades; a friendship originating when both were in the famed music scene of Liverpool of the 1980s. “PAB is a very eloquent human being. A lot of creatives, no offence, are quite monosyllabic at times; they grunt and shrug their shoulders. PABs is able to explain the process and take complex technical things and put it into layman’s terms.”

Dalton is thrilled to introduce SAE students and the Melbourne music community to PAB – the man who has lived the audio lifestyle in all its challenges and glory.

“It’s not just about technical skills, there are people skills involved as well,” Dalton says. “Paul McCartney is quite finicky and fastidious about his sound, he likes everything in place and has been known to come out to the mixing desk, doing a little adjusting, turn the cue up, turn reverbs up. He’s one of the world’s greatest performers, as well as arrangers and record producers. It’s an incredible experience and it has its challenges.”

During the masterclass Dalton and Boothroyd will be covering all aspects of the trade, including managing your own brand and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

SAE audio lecturer, Tim Dalton

And of course, Boothroyd’s greatest insight is into “what it takes to translate what’s coming off the stage and make it sound amazing. He’s got a fabulous set of ears. This is a real treat for our students and for Melbourne.”


Sound Advice: From the Venue to the Stadium

SAE Institute, Melbourne

Wednesday, December 6

11am – 1pm

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