Lecturer spotlight: Paul McKercher


31 Aug 2016

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Lecturer spotlight: Paul McKercher

31 Aug 2016

Paul McKercher is a five-time Aria winner and audio production mastermind behind some of the greatest music albums produced in Australian rock history. His experience extends to working with Aussie legends such as Josh Pyke, Bertie Blackman, Sarah Blasko, Art vs Science, The Vines, You Am I, Pete Murray, Tumbleweed and Augie March – just to name a few.

Paul is a formally trained audio engineer and musician who boasts an impressive 25-year career in the music industry. Paul’s great love of songwriting, sound production and analogue recording techniques, in particular the use of tape, has defined his career.  Having taken out four ARIA Awards for Engineer of the Year (1995, 2001, 2004) and an ARIA Award for Producer of the Year (2004), he claims he has one foot planted in the old school audio world – and the other in the digital world.

Aria winner and SAE lecturer Paul McKercher
Image: Paul McKercher

Despite these achievements, McKercher said it’s his role as lecturer that has been the most rewarding.

“I teach [SAE Institute Audio students] best practice - and how to work cooperatively with artists to deliver high-quality music recordings,” he said.

“The students are given hands-on, real world projects that teach them practical studio tricks of the trade - how to get music from the demo stage to the market place.”

SAE Sydney Audio Studio 1 - Solid State Logic AWS948 console
Image: SAE Sydney | Studio 1 - SSL AWS948 console

Students enrolled in Audio courses at SAE Institute Sydney have the opportunity to learn from this experienced sound engineer. Under Paul’s watchful eyes and guidance, aspiring students collaborate with this industry expert on real-world projects designed to help them carve a career in studio music production, post-production and live sound recording.

We are so pleased Paul is part our teaching team of industry leaders that instruct the students of SAE Creative Media Institute.


Paul is a part of the Why Music Matters collective – a global music community which includes artists, songwriters, labels and managers. Listen to an excerpt of Paul’s interview on Energy Groove Radio, where he talks about his music career, approach to teaching and the role of an audio engineer.

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