Johann Dreyer - Campus manager


15 Oct 2018

Johann Dreyer sae crew2



Johann Dreyer - Campus manager

15 Oct 2018

 Great people is what makes SAE a great place to study and work. To get to know these awesome folk a bit better, we chronicle the people of SAE #SAECREW. In this first instalment of Hi! My name is, we chat to Johann Dreyer, Campus Manager of SAE Adelaide and all round cool dude. 



What music are you loving right now?

Right now I'm indulging in some underground Hip Hop! Artists like Kool Keith, Analogue Brothers, Quasimoto and SCWOD

Professional Bio:

Sound Sculptor, Visual Enthusiast, Life Student!

Why do you love working at SAE?

I'm surrounded by passionate and creative people who all strive to make a positive change and express themselves.

What is the best fun fact about yourself?

In a past life I owned and operated a indoor skatepark, shop and label called Unity.

How do you like to spend your time outside of SAE?

Family hangs on the balcony watching the sunset, Stand up Paddling, keeping fit with my F45 fit fam, but most of the time I'm chipping away at my Masters Degree.

What is your life motto?

Do what you love and love what you do!

What is your dream holiday destination?



Fiji Islands


Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

I am currently doing my SAE Master of Creative Industries degree so within that there are a lot of great opportunities to be creative and branch out. This has led me to start a side project called DIEP where I focus on experimental and ambient type music.

My first EP is based around generative music creation so within all the tracks one of the main elements has been randomly generated within Ableton, I then had to compose and arrange around that to make it musical.


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