Jesse Laurie


25 Mar 2019




Jesse Laurie

25 Mar 2019

Jesse Laurie is a footballer, screenwriter and film lecturer at SAE in Perth, the multitalented academic is this week's featured #SAECREW member


Professional Bio:

Film lecturer by day and screenwriter by night with an insert of football (AFL) when the two meet at sunset. 


What music are you loving right now?

Why do you love working at SAE?

I'll split this into two areas of EXT. & INT. 

The people are the reason SAE is such a fantastic place to be. Students and staff are all so passionate about the learning aspect attached to their respective fields of creative passion. It's hard not to get excited and continually fall in love with the industry when you're surrounded by people who never fail to motivate and inspire. 

Teaching and guiding others has the ability to provide the clarity necessary in your own professional life and my experiences so far at SAE have done exactly that. Constantly seeing theories and techniques from perspectives I would have otherwise never have encountered has helped me grow as a practitioner in both the educational and cinematic industry. 

What is the best fun fact about yourself?

I'm from Denmark (the small country town, not the country but I try to never correct people because it's nice to be validated for having a convincing Australian accent). 

How do you like to spend your time outside of SAE?

I love to stay busy!  

I play in the West Australian Football League (WAFL) for the Claremont Tigers, which takes up a lot of my time. I also recently acquired a puppy so  that's going to take up a lot of my time in the best way. 

What is your life motto?

"Luck is the residue of design"

(Branch Rickey) 

Basically, we create our own opportunities in life. 

What is your dream holiday destination?

Disneyland - get me there, pls?! 



Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

My local film festival, WA Unlocked Film Festival, will have its 3rd Annual Screening and submissions are just about to close. I'm also working with Screenwriters WA to create a number of events for WA's emerging writers. 


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