Introducing Keiran Bartlett... our new SAE Melbourne Campus Manager


11 May 2017

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Introducing Keiran Bartlett... our new SAE Melbourne Campus Manager

11 May 2017

Having completed a seven-year-long summer in the Persian Gulf’s Arabian Desert, the return to Australian shores was a welcome change from living the high-life of Dubai for Keiran Bartlett. Trading-in Dubai’s ex-pat lifestyle of luxury hotels, glitzy shopping malls, and themed attractions, Keiran handed over the reins as Campus Manager at SAE Dubai to take up the same role at SAE Melbourne's campus.

With an undergraduate degree in Information Environments, an IT degree on ‘Human factors and design across the new media industry’, and a Masters in Philosophy (Computer Science), Keiran began his academic life as a programmer. With a love for the Internet, web scripting and content management, he has worked at multiple SAE institutes around Australia, first heading up multimedia departments at SAE Brisbane before moving into a National Academic Coordinator position before his big move abroad.

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During his time at SAE Dubai Keiran managed both academic and administration teams working on business development, government and industry outreach, and academic governance. Now he’s returned home he seems to have made a friend from his time overseas, a Nigerian prince who keeps emailing wanting to send him $1,000,000!


What inspired you to apply for the role of Campus Manager, and make the move from Dubai to Melbourne?
I had been living in the UAE for 7 years working as the Campus Manager at the SAE Dubai, and while I loved it there, I decided I wanted to be closer to my family. But more than that, the Melbourne campus is a such a great place, there’s so much going on here and I'm keen to support and grow that however I can.

What keeps you busy in your free time?
I spend a lot of time with friends, I play some games, I paraglide, and I probably sleep too little...

Who inspires you? 
I keep my inspirations pretty close to home. My biggest inspiration would be my family. My dad is a working wonder, mum is a saint, my brothers encourage me to be better and work harder, and my sister keeps me grounded. Outside of this I read a lot about entrepreneurs such as Branson, Gates, Jobs and Musk. I think they have some great advice to share on the benefits of trial, and more importantly, error.

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What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?
The same thing that originally got me into teaching still drives me. There's a look that students get in their eyes when suddenly things start making sense, when their knowledge clicks into place. Watching this evolution happen in a person is addictive. Then seeing them enjoy the fruits of their efforts at graduations, showcases, and when they're finally employed in their dream industry; it’s all very satisfying to me.

Who do you follow on social media? 
Mostly friends. I'm not really one for celebrity stalking. 

Favourite band/musician?
It varies...Foo Fighters, Powderfinger, Michael BubleRobbie Williams, Disturbed, Sinatra... my playlist is diverse!

Top film of all time?  
I honestly don't have one. I like different things every time I’m asked this question. I find it strange that I'm not a fan of the classics, but the odd disaster movie for some weird reason grabs my interest! Actually, I'm more of a TV fan. Something with a long and intricate story.

Top animated film?
Howl's Moving Castle... but I've been "forced" into watching too many Disney flicks not to give them a shout out too.

What was the last video game you played?  
I finally got around to buying Grand Theft Auto V and I'm seconds away from buying a switch just to play Zelda. RTS's, RPGs, and world building games get most of my love.


Converse or Vans - Sketchers!
Coffee or Tea - Tea to calm me down, coffee when I want to be tense!
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