Indie Game Developer Opens Studio and Launches Debut Game


24 Apr 2017

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Indie Game Developer Opens Studio and Launches Debut Game

24 Apr 2017

Geekabyte Games is a small yet passionate Brisbane-based indie game development studio founded by three young games graduates. One of the co-founders Wade Lewis is a 2012 graduate of SAE Brisbane, who completed a Bachelors of Games Development, majoring in Game Design.

Geekabyte Games is soon to be launching their debut game Mind Control, a sci-fi platform/puzzle game that’s been in development for over 14 months, and is due for release this June. Designed and developed solely by Wade who oversaw all aspects of the game’s development, from concept design and programming to level design and game art, Mind Control gets players to solve devilish puzzles and overcome dangerous traps to unravel the mystery of the alien facility and find their way home.

Wade Lewis's Mind Control

We spoke to Wade about his time at SAE, what it was like to launch an independent indie game studio, and we find out all about his game Mind Control that will soon be going live to the world.

What inspired you to enter into the Games industry?

I always loved games, and not just playing them, I loved figuring out what made them work. I often asked myself, why did they do it that way and how did they make it work? When I was young I would spend countless hours drawing out maps, writing lists and sketching diagrams, essentially creating the games concepts I had in my head. In early high school it started to become obvious to me that I really wanted to make a career in developing games. At the time I thought my options were limited to programming or art (both of which were strange to me at the time). It wasn’t until I discovered there was a degree at SAE on game design that everything changed. I knew this was the one for me, it’s what I had to do!

What are your fondest memories of your time at SAE?

It was probably the hours I spent working on my final year capstone project, I got to meet some incredibly talented people. We would come in two days a week and just spend the whole day building levels, testing this or that, and then complaining to the coders when everything broke! It was hard work, but I remember it fondly. It was during this time that I was also able to develop my leadership and public speaking skills, which is something I'm very grateful for to this day.

Mind control game play

What did you love most about studying at SAE?

I think the best part about SAE is the size of of the classes. Being part of such a small group meant I knew everyone in my intake, and those in classes above and below me too. I could always contact my tutors if I had any problems with an assessment and they’d offer to help. You don’t get that kind of support at a larger University.

Can you shed some light on how studying at SAE has lead you to where you are now?

For me it was the spring board that threw me into the professional world of games. SAE helped me refine my design sensibilities and taught me things you just can’t learn on your own. My time at SAE also taught me how to work as a team, a crucial element working in game development.

What have been your career highlights?

One of the most memorable highlights to date has been graduating from SAE, and later from QUT. In my short career I’d say I'm most proud of my current game project, Mind Control. It’s a solo project and my first commercial endeavor. I'm so proud to have gotten the game to the point where it’s at now, marketing the title and sharing it with others.

Mind control game play 2

What do you enjoy most about working in your industry?

For me the best part about the games industry is the reward of seeing someone play and (hopefully!) enjoying your work. Games can be a grueling, challenging and downright difficult world to work in, but when you see someone enjoying all your hard work, it's like nothing else I've ever experienced.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Currently I'm in the process of finalising the development of my first commercial game, Mind Control; a sci-fi themed puzzle/platform for mobile. Mind Control will also be the first title published under the newly founded, Geekabyte Games studio, that's been a project of mine over the past 14 months. Being a solo project means I’ve been responsible for all aspects of the game’s development, from game design, level building and programming, to the game art, sound and quality assurance. It’s been an incredibly challenging ride, but it’s also taught me so much.

Wade Lewis's Geek A Games

Can you share an artist that inspires you? 

As someone who believes in games being an art form, my biggest inspirations are my fellow indie developers. As I scroll through the various indie game chats and social media pages and see all the amazing ideas being turned into real works of art, it fills me with hope. The people who take a game from concept and see it through to completion using sheer will power and perseverance are pretty inspirational.

SAE game alumni Wade Lewis

This and That Game

Converse or Vans - though mine have seen better days!
Coffee or Tea - To get serious work done, energy drinks! Life of a game developer…
Apple or Android - I'll always be a Google fan boy, so Android for sure. Though I do intend to launch Mind Control on iOS.
Instagram or Snapchat - Can I say neither? If I had to choose I feel like Instagram gets my vote - purely from a design perspective.


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