Hear more about filmmaker and film student Barbara Taylor

Byron Bay

19 Jun 2020

Barbara Taylor



Hear more about filmmaker and film student Barbara Taylor

19 Jun 2020

Bachelor of Film student Barbara Taylor is making a name for herself in the industry before she has even graduated, working on tv and documentary series. She believes in the transformative power of films and how as a filmmaker she can affect people through authentic storytelling.

- student edition -

NAME: Barbara Taylor


DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Film



Have you studied previously?

Yes, But I studied what I thought I had to do not what I wanted to do! It makes a big difference when you love what you do!

What is your favourite software you use?
Grammarly! I’m a terrible spaller… sperler, speller!.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?
That little voice inside you that is silently calling you to learn should be supported, the more we learn about the world and ourselves the better our opportunities become. I believe it is imperative to follow your passions. My passion was to be a storyteller and now I get to live my passion every day. Spanning from social impact documentaries to comedy I use both genres to examine human nature and key social issues. This is my way of creating change and awareness. If I can touch just one person by making them smile, laugh, cry or think then I have done my job as a filmmaker and as a human servicing my community and ensuring the world is left a little better for the next generation of people. I would not be able to say any of this if it wasn’t for my studies at SAE.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with fellow students?
Work as hard as you can! This is your time to shine, grow and develop. Don’t be afraid to make mistake, its 100% where you learn the most about yourself and your abilities. Grow to accept your strengths and your flaws, something magical happens when we are open to accepting the areas that we are lacking, beautiful people who can help lift you up and teach you walk in your life. Collaboration is definitely the key to creative success.

Who are 3 people you would invite to dinner, dead or alive?
Three people I would invite for dinner would be Director Taika Waititi as I believe he is my comedic soul mate. My 5-year-old daughter who is beyond a reasonable doubt, the single most interesting human I have ever met and Salvador Dali.


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