Guy Gross Masterclass

Byron Bay

4 Apr 2014




Guy Gross Masterclass

4 Apr 2014

Guy Gross, one of Australia's leading film and television composers, conducted a Masterclass on campus at SAE Byron Bay on Monday.

Guy's film scores cover a huge variety of styles from music for children's television, webisodes, short films and animation, to feature films like Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Guy believes versatility and flexibility are essential in his industry and encouraged students to use their time at SAE as a playground to test their art and determine if their fluid artistic nature and can adapt to each project as necessary or if their skills lay in one form.

By way of an example, Guy recently worked on short film ‘Tango Underpants’ which toured with Flickerfest. He needed to come up with a tango style score, which, he admits, is really not his forte. Testament to his versatility, Guy researched and experimented and eventually came up with a tango inspired score the producers were happy with.  

Whilst musical versatility and technical prowess are key tools for screen composition, Guy also stressed the importance of soft skills in building your career.

“Developing and maintaining relationships using effective communication and collaboration with clients and industry colleagues is the best way of guaranteeing yourself work. You want to be known as a composer who is easy to work with and can get the job done with minimal fuss." 

It was a former collaboration that landed Guy the job on the tango short film, even through he says his tango is not so fandango! 

GuyGross Presentation March2014

Guy Gross in action.


Guy Gross and Byron Bay campus manager, Bill Wade in front of the SSL 9000K console.