From vision impairment to visionary music producer and DJ

Byron Bay

21 Oct 2020




From vision impairment to visionary music producer and DJ

21 Oct 2020

Music producer and student Bashir Youssef believes you don’t need to have strong sight to have a strong vision. Bashir has a rare eyesight impairment due to retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that results in a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina, rendering him legally blind.

Despite this, Bashir is about to graduate from the Diploma of Music Production at SAE Byron Bay; an achievement he has been able to realise with the support of Vision Australia.

A former motivational speaker and life coach, Bashir is now also pursuing his passion for music.

Bashir had his first taste of making his own music upon discovering software GarageBand in 2014 and was hooked on the production process.

After learning about SAE from his former housemate, Bashir took the next step towards developing his craft by moving to Byron Bay and enrolling in studies in 2019.

He is now proficient in industry software Ableton Live and says his return to study has been an interesting experience.

“I had a mix of mature age wisdom and a new student/new discipline freshness. I also knew it was going to be challenging because of my sight, but my limitations do not mean that I’m limited - I don’t let them stop me from following my heart and living my dreams.”

“As a producer and musician, SAE helped me to identify and understand my style, genre and audience, so I can tap into it. It's helped fill in the gaps of my knowledge that I have noticed through communicating with other musicians. I want to be able to articulate myself in conversations with established musicians, speak the language/lingo confidently and respond in kind.”

“Now I have a deeper understanding of sound and production skills and techniques. I’ve also noticed the increased and enhanced quality of my music, and is becoming more refined through learning and applying the knowledge.”

Bashir describes music as his self-exploration and self-expression in this world.

“Music felt (and still feels) like it spoke to me, as though it ‘understood’ me in challenging and in good times. I now see it as a powerful universal language that transcends all barriers,” Bashir says.

Bashir says he always felt like he was going to be a performer, and now he is producing music, collaborating with other artists and DJing regularly.

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