Don't be limited by your ATAR result

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12 Jul 2021

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Don't be limited by your ATAR result

12 Jul 2021

In your final year of high school, there are few moments that feel as huge as your final exams. Not only does it mean the end of an era, it means freedom and an accomplishment to be proud of. But it can also be met with anxiety… awaiting the result of an ATAR. Ahhh!

What is an ATAR and why does it hold such importance?

The ATAR is a ranking, not a score - it places students into a comparative context with every other student in the country. It does not necessarily measure intelligence, street smarts or creative skill and it certainly does not measure passion - so why the hype? The angst? - why so much pressure on a number?

Lose the pressure!

So if the number does not measure the personal qualities, why is there such intense pressure to achieve it? Universities use the ATAR ranking to determine placements within courses, due to demand. So whilst everyone may want to study a particular subject, there are not enough seats for the students who dream for them. But there is good news - not all providers require ATARs and not all providers are limited by placements.

SAE does not require an ATAR

We don’t let an ATAR define your creative potential. We understand that not all creatives excel in physics, and a score doesn’t stop you from pursuing your passion. We take into consideration your creative background, interest in creative media, and your drive to succeed in the career of your choice.

Apply for Early Entry

Feel secure with a place by applying for early entry. Take the pressure off exams and the worry of an ATAR knowing you have your creative future set at SAE. And if you are still worried come ATAR time - just know, an ATAR does not define your creative future.


Drive wins out in the end

To sum it up, we want you to know - we get it - it’s a crazy stressful time. We understand that life currently feels quite structured, predictable and planned and your final results appear to be the be-all-end-all. But really, what you need to focus on now, is not your mark, the number, but what you want to do with your life, what career options are out there and what study pathways will get you there. It’s time to go after them with drive and passion. 


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