Creatives connect through AniMedley collaboration


15 Sep 2020

animedley HERO



Creatives connect through AniMedley collaboration

15 Sep 2020

Olivia Pease is a 5th trimester Bachelor of Animation student at SAE Brisbane. After wanting to boost relationships between students, she created a concept to encourage the collaboration of SAE students across disciplines, platforms and abilities.

It's probably been one of my proudest achievements, I am very grateful for being able to make AniMedley through the platform that SAE provides.

Trimester One Medley

Inspired by AniJam projects and multi animator project communities on YouTube, Olivia thought she could recreate the same. "If they can do it, so can we- SAE Style!"

Inspired by AniJam projects 


Speaking to Olivia, she had this to say about the project...

"I curated the project by generating my own 'project briefs,' one for animation, and one for audio, each with their own specs/requirements specific to the disciplines plus an overall 'theme' for both disciplines to follow. The project kicks off with audio as they generate tracks towards the project's decided theme. After they have completed their work, the audio gets given to the animation students so they can animate. I generally edit it all together and help manage communication between the two disciplines through Slack.

AniMedley Production Pipeline document - Olivia Pease

AniMedley Basic Production Pipeline

I have run AniMedley for two trimesters and will be passing the torch to another earlier trimester student for it to continue as I move on to my very last trimester. The lecturers have been very supportive of this student-run cross-collaborative project, and seem really enthusiastic to keep the project going beyond me. It's a pretty awesome legacy."

Trimester 2 2020 AniMedley


Audio students

Blake Hardy-Young
Harry MacKenzie
Lochlan Walliker

Animation Students

Olivia Pease
Chloe Charlesworth
Jess Barbera
Nathaniel Daniels
Andrea Amirah
Emily Gough
Mark Hanna
Amanda Jean
Jade Andrew
Jake Mander
Ryusuke Ikeda
Jeremy Emes
Ella Reid
Annie Adams
Yvette Donner
Lucas Aprile
Joel Coleman
Shaun Miller
Danica Mica Macatulao
Jai Barlow
Kadijah Ali
Nathaniel Carroll


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