BAY FM and SAE capture the spirit of The Beat Generation

Byron Bay

7 Dec 2018




BAY FM and SAE capture the spirit of The Beat Generation

7 Dec 2018

Byron Shire’s intellectual and poetry community gathered for The Beat Jam at SAE Creative Media Institute Byron Bay in a celebration of the iconic Beat Generation poets of the 1950s. The Beat Jam project was created by Riddhi, long-time host of The Bohemian Beat program on Bay FM. Taking place in November, the inaugural event was recorded live to be broadcast on Bohemian Beat on the 13th December.

“I have been presenting The Bohemian Beat, a poetry and music show on BayFM, for the past 11 years. Over that time I have been working with students at SAE studios and these experiences, along with the great resources at SAE and the positive feedback we’ve gained, inspired me to do a live audience group project - Beat Jam,” said Riddhi.

In front of a live audience at SAE studios, selected poems from authors such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Joanne Kyger, Bob Kaufman, Eileen Kaufman and Gregory Corso were read aloud with a jazzy musical accompaniment. The show concluded with the ten piece group performing a stirring rendition of Howl by Allen Ginsberg.

“Being able to use the space and resources, and students at SAE studios have advanced The Bohemian Beat’s ability to produce innovative poetic content for community radio. We have been able to facilitate community interest in the arts into a means of creative participation,” Riddhi says.

International Bachelor of Audio student Ilhamsyah Nasution had the opportunity to assist with both the preliminary and live event recordings of Beat Jam, saying, “It is such a creative, interesting project, I didn’t know anything about poetry before and now I am interested to learn more about it - I love the beats!”


SAE Bachelor of Audio student Ilhamsyah

Echoing Ilhamsyah’s sentiment, Riddhi believes the Beat’s longevity lies in their proclamation of a humanistic ideology and new-life style. “They strived for liberation from censorship, started ecological consciousness, supported African American and Indian rights, LGBT rights, sexual revolution, rejection of excessive materialism, non-conformity, spontaneous creativity, and they embraced a more comprehensive spirituality. The Beat Generation were reacting to a world similar to where we are now, and we can learn a lot from their experiences and writings.”

You too can experience the emotion and passion of the Beat Generation with the live Beat Jam performance - mixed by Ilhamsyah - airing on the Bay FM The Bohemian Beat program Thur 13th Dec 11am and broadcast on the National Community Radio Network scheduled for the week of Dec 23.

The Bohemian Beat airs on Bay FM 99.9 Thursdays 11am to 12 pm.

Beat Jam performers

The Beat Jam Performers

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