Audio Engineer for The Darkness visits SAE Melbourne and Perth


23 May 2017

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Audio Engineer for The Darkness visits SAE Melbourne and Perth

23 May 2017

In a stroke of good fortune, students from SAE Melbourne were surprised to receive a visit from one of the music industry’s most distinguished audio engineers. Andy Shillito, Tour Manager and Audio Engineer for the UK band The Darkness, visited the campus to give a special guest lecture to a packed theatre.

With a long and notable international audio career spanning over 30 years, Andy has worked with The Darkness over their 17-year long career, and a host of other well-known artists that include Courtney Love, Florence and the Machine, Mel C (Spice Girls) and Morcheeba, to name just a few, during his broad career.

Max Watts Melbourne stage

The packed lecture theatre of students from all disciplines, listed to Andy’s masterclass on live sound production, and heard what it’s like to be mixing for The Darkness, his experience touring internationally with bands, and his long career and thoughts on the music and audio industry.

During the session Andy mixed in live and behind-the-scenes footage of The Darkness during their Los Angeles show on their 2015 Live N Loud tour. The lecture concluded with Andy opening the stage to a Q&A where students had the opportunity to throw their questions to an industry professional.

Q&A Session with Andy Shillito at SAE Melbourne

The following day Andy invited ten lucky audio students who attended the previous day’s lecture to attended a full-day practical workshop with the band’s production crew at the 170 Russel Street venue in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The workshop included an extensive overview into mixing front-of-house sound using an Avid Venue Profile system, mixing on-stage monitors via a Digico SD8 console, with Andy showing the group how he equalises the monitors and why. Andy’s valuable knowledge provided students with tips, hacks and demonstrated best practice in the professional arena of live audio.

Andy Shillito at Max Watts Melbourne

Audio students from SAE Perth were also lucky enough to capture some of Andy’s time as The Darkness toured around the country. Before the band played their final Australian show at the Metro City in Perth (just down the road from the SAE campus), Andy hosted a live sound session where he talked about his 20+ years experience in the industry. The students had a great time and found it to be a really insightful, valuable and interesting experience.

Andy Shillito at Metro City Perth

A HUGE thank you goes out to Andy Shillito for taking the time to visit SAE Melbourne and imparting years of his invaluable knowledge and experience with our audio students in both Melbourne and Perth.  A special shout-out goes to The Darkness and their production crew for being so accommodating, and SAE Audio Lecturer Tim Dalton for organising the visits.  Everyone agreed it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!