17 Jun 2019





17 Jun 2019

What do Hamish and Andy, Corrine Grant, Rove McManus, Merrick and Rosso, Jo Stanley, Tommy Little and Sergei Sevriukov have in common? They all started their career journey at Channel 31(C31), Victoria’s only community television station broadcasting to greater Melbourne and Geelong. 

SAE Bachelor of Design international student Sergei has just completed his work placement with C31 where he helped refresh the station’s graphic look and feel. 

Sergei submitted a portfolio and met with the design production team before being invited to work with them for a 3 month work placement. C31’s Head of Production Shane Dunlop supervised Sergei during this time.

Shane says Sergei was a much welcome addition to the crew as the station hadn’t had a visual refresh in over 5 years. While C31 regularly hosts film students wanting to hone their production skills, the opportunity for a design student to work with them was born from this need and Sergei spent a few days per week at the station’s headquarters building relationships with the team. 

C31’s long 25 year history was taken into account by Sergei during the planning phase, and he says the initial research stage is a crucial part of the design process. “I spent almost half of my working hours researching, speaking with the team about their thoughts on what C31 is, learning about the community that C31 services and how to convey that visually”

“Working in the office also allowed me to have face to face discussions with the team and getting direct feedback on my work in real time, that was really important to me,” Sergei says

“Sergei came in with fresh eyes and fresh ideas. His thoroughness and willingness to collaborate with the team was something that I really appreciated about Sergei’s work ethic,” Shane says. 

Sergei completed his work placement by presenting his proposal to Shane, the in house design production team Hari and Drew and the station’s General Manager Matt Field all of whom were impressed with what he had produced. 

“We’ve actually already started rolling out our new station branding based on Sergei’s work,” Shane says. 

For Sergei, his love for his adopted city and passion for design united perfectly in this project.  “The process of learning branding for television was so different from other projects I had previously worked on. It was an invaluable learning experience,” he says. 

Shane says that while there are an impressive list of names who have cut their teeth in front of the camera at C31, it's the 1000s of people who got their start behind the scenes that now hold a multitude of broadcast positions in the media industry today that are equally thankful to C31 for giving them an invaluable leg up. By having the opportunity to work at C31 Sergei is in good company.

*Header image: A C31 concept designed by Sergei  

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