Introducing the 2017 SAE Creative Media Scholarship Winners

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20 Mar 2017

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Introducing the 2017 SAE Creative Media Scholarship Winners

20 Mar 2017

It is our absolute pleasure to congratulate and introduce you to our 2017 SAE Creative Media Scholarship winners.

Each year SAE awards three high-achieving secondary school leavers with a Creative Media Scholarship, and one secondary school leaver with a Creative Media Indigenous Scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to recognise creative talent coupled with academic excellence and outstanding leadership. The aim of this scholarship is to assist these new SAE students by providing them with an opportunity to develop skills and achieve their goals within the creative media industry.

Our 2017 winners have demonstrated an outstanding creative potential, with strong scholarly abilities and admirable leadership skills. Their winning applications consist of a body of work that showcased their creative skills that were viewed highly by our academic panel.
The four recipients will be entitled to a full academic scholarship towards their bachelor degree of choice.

Meet our four scholarship recipients…

Declan Kindness

SAE Brisbane
Bachelor of Film (Production)
*pictured right main image

Declan has been steadily developing his passion and skills for film production since he acted in a friend’s short film at primary school. From Year 7 his interest in production grew and he started started making music videos, learning everything he could about After Effects, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Composting and Motion Graphics. During Year 11 he completed a Certificate lll in Film & Television Production so that he could broaden his knowledge and skill base in the field. His initiative was awarded with an internship position as 3D Generalist at the Brisbane-based post production company, The Empire Post, during his final Year 12 year where he worked on a variety of projects from animating title sequences and creating logos, to creating VFX and 3D models. Considering his age, the quality of Declan’s work is far beyond his years. 

"I can't wait to explore the film industry at a deeper level while meeting like-minded friends and becoming a part of a network of new people that share my passion," said Declan.

Warwick Cronin-Stacey

SAE Brisbane
Bachelor of Games Development
*pictured main image

As a student at Yeppoon State High School, Warwick has been working towards his dream role as Games Programmer virtually his whole life, having demonstrated a creative flair for both game making and animation from a young age.  Working towards the goal of one day becoming a successful games programmer, Warwick continually strived to create high quality, interesting games at school.  He was acknowledged as the best programmer in his Year 12 ITS Class for the highly engaging games that he’d created for class assignments. As a finalist in the national Young ICT Explorers competition, he travelled to Townsville and presented the game ‘Speed Shooter’ that he’d created with GameMaker Studio to a panel of judges. At the finals Warwick discovered that his was the only game to have made the short list for the Senior Section and he received a Merit award for the game.

"I spend a good amount of time either thinking of concepts for games, or how I can improve upon what I have already done using different techniques. If you love something, spending hours on a project doesn’t feel like work, I enjoy every minute!" said Warwick.

Gradi Masudi

SAE Melbourne
Bachelor of Audio

The final recipient of this year's Creative Media Scholarshipis Gradi Masudi. Gradi comes with a unique story. The 20-year-old was a refugee to Australia who was born in Congo in 1996, before relocating to Kenya as a result of war in 2000. Nine years later, a 13-year-old Gradi and his family arrived in Australia on a refugee visa and have recently been awarded their Australian citizenship. 

Music has always been a big part of Gradi’s life. From a young age he was exposed to many different types of music which played a big part in shaping his musical identity.  The young artist started rapping at the age of 12, but it wasn't until he was 15 that he decided to take music seriously.  He started perfecting his art by carefully studying his music idols and taking music as a final year subject at high school. Adapting techniques used by his favourite rapper Andre 3000, Gradi plays with words and rhyme, drawing inspiration from the artist’s flow, rhyme scheme and cadence.

Gradi Masudi

The next step in Gradi's career was trying his hand at mixing and producing his own music, and what followed was the release of his first mixtape, Masking the Pain. It was going to be an experimental project, but from this process his infatuation with music production grew. It wasn't until his second mixtape, Pipe Dreamer, that Gradi started to earn his respects within the music community. The feedback to the second mixtape was overwhelming positive, it cemented his decision to become a music producer, and so enrolled in a Bachelor of Audio at SAE Melbourne.

Tahni Walton-Holmes

SAE Byron Bay
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)

Tahni is this year's recipient of the 2017 Creative Media Indigenous Scholarship. For as long as she can remember, Tahni has been drawn to and inspired by the creative world, dreaming of one day pursuing a career in design in some form. Tahni's childhood was surrounded by culture and creativity in all forms, from music to art. It's no wonder this young woman has been passionate about the Arts for as long as she can remember. Tahni’s unique ability to see the world through a creative lens has enabled her to develop a portfolio of creative works that include sculptures, paintings, ceramics and mixed media photography.

Tahni Walton-Holmes

Tahni has always been an active promoter of her culture and is extremely proud to acknowledge her Indigenous background. As a talented vocalist she was privileged enough to have been offered the opportunity to perform with Australian pop star Jessica Mabouy at an Indigenous Allstars Youth Leader Camp. She was also part of the Arts Northern Rivers Indigenous Mentorship Program that saw her compete against 500 other Indigenous students under 18 to be the Australian/New Zealand Youth Ambassador for 2015. Tahni placed in the top six.

"Winning SAE's Creative Media Indigenous Scholarship has been an invaluable investment to my future career. It will allow me the ability to represent my community on a larger scale, and showcase what can be achieved with hard work and commitment when you are supported by an incredible organisation like SAE," said Tahni.

Tahni Walton-Holmes Portfolio

Congratulations again to our four recipients, and best of luck to you in your studies!

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