International Study Pathways

SAE will recognise the certain qualifications as eligible for credit toward SAE Australia bachelor degrees.  

AAT College India

AAT College has been established more that 15 years and delivers professional courses in both media and business sectors in India. It specialises in practical education in film-making, audio engineering, animation and VFX, Interactive Media, Fashion Design, Banking and Finance. AAT College students who have successfully completed the AAT Diploma of Sound Engineering, are granted direct entry into the third trimester of the Bachelor of Audio, at any of the five CRICOS registered SAE Australia campuses.

SAE Jakarta

AE Jakarta graduates who have successfully completed the first two semesters of an eligible Diploma program in Jakarta, will be granted credit toward a corresponding Bachelor qualification in Australia.  You can complete the Bachelor in five trimesters (18 months). Eligible diploma programs are listed below:

Jakarta Diploma Programs

Corresponding Bachelor program in Australia

Diploma of Audio Engineering 

Bachelor of Audio

Diploma of 3D Animation and Digital Effects          

Bachelor of Animation

Diploma of Film Production

Bachelor of Film

SAE Dubai

SAE Dubai  graduates who have successfully completed an eligible Diploma qualification, will be granted 80 credit points toward a corresponding Bachelor qualification in Australia.  

English Pathways: 

SAE have agreements with certain English providers to package enrolment for international students who need to complete an English pathway program prior to entry to SAE.  When a student has a packaged enrolment for English courses together with their SAE course, they are only required to apply for the one type of visa, which will cover all courses in the package. SAE recognise that students who successfully complete an English programs set out below will be deemed competent in English, and satisfy the English requirement for entry into SAE programs.

SAE has agreements with:

  • Navitas English College
  • Hawthorn English
  • ABILITY English
  • IH-International House
  • Impact English College
  • PICE -Perth International College of English
  • Langauge Links
  • APC - Australian Pacific College