Find an Agent


SAE has registered international agents in many countries and cities around the world.


International students can choose to use an education agent or migration agent to assist them in organising their studies.


An agent’s role is to provide information about SAE courses and assist students in making the right education choices. An agent can help you complete your SAE and visa applications, as well as help plan for travel and accommodation arrangements.


If you use an agent, notify SAE and complete the appropriate section on the application Form. SAE will then communicate with your agent regarding your application.


Part of the Navitas Group

SAE Institute is part of the Navitas Group. The Navitas group is a world leader in the development and provision of educational services and learning solutions. Members of the Navitas group offer English language training, high school, university preparation, university programs, career advancement programs and migrant settlement services to students, professionals and migrants from all over the world in campuses located in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Students can also apply to SAE Institute through any Navitas Group Representative. Click here to download a list.