Top 5 questions to ask at an SAE Open House

An SAE Open House event is your best chance to discover what it’s like to study at SAE. SAE Australia holds an Open House at each of its campuses in May and November*.
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Great question! We do get asked this a lot!

Open House is your chance to meet your people and to see the type of projects you will be a part of at SAE. It’s your chance to get to know SAE a little better and to find out why this is the ultimate next step in your creative future.

To get the most out of an SAE Open House, it is a good idea to prepare a couple of questions – that will help you decide as to whether SAE is the right fit for you. 

We have identified a list of questions that you may find helpful to ask. Not everyone will need every question, or maybe these ideas will help you formulate your own top 5 questions to ask at an SAE Open House.

*Dates and months may be subject to change.

Questions to ask at an SAE Open House

Top 5 questions to ask about the SAE courses

  1. What qualifications are available in my discipline area and how long does it take to complete studies?
  2. What facilities/equipment will I have access to as part of my studies?
  3. How flexible is course delivery? Can I amend the workload in different trimesters to suit my life/work commitments? What are the exit points and what qualifications are available?
  4. How do I apply? What requirements do I need to start studying at SAE?
  5. What learning support is available to me?

Top 5 questions to ask about job prospects

  1. What types of careers do SAE graduates go into?
  2. Does SAE offer work placement support during the course?
  3. What career guidance is available to me?
  4. What opportunities are available to develop my employability skills?
  5. How is SAE connected to the industry?

Top 5 questions to ask current students

  1. How do you juggle classes, studio time, and work/life/family?
  2. What are the best and worst things about uni, in your opinion?
  3. How have you found the course so far – what are the teaching/facilities/services like?
  4. What’s the town or area like?
  5. What makes SAE students special? 

Top 5 questions to ask lecturers

  1. How much contact time will I have with lecturers? 
  2. How much studio time is required to fulfill the course requirements?
  3. Will I have final exams?
  4. What will the course cover?
  5. What size are class groups?

Top 5 questions to ask student services

  1. What services and support are available to me?
  2. If I am struggling with my study load, how can I apply for extensions or amend my enrollment?
  3. Are there counseling services or qualified persons available on campus to speak to if I have a problem?
  4. Who would I go to for assistance with the Library or IT Services?
  5. When is Orientation and what can I expect at Orientation? 

Top 5 questions to ask a course advisor

  1. What is the enrollment process?
  2. Could you tell me more about applying through an Admissions Centre?
  3. What are the entry requirements and available pathways?
  4. Are there scholarship opportunities available? How do you apply?
  5. Are there other campus events that I can attend?
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