SAE short courses equip students with the skills of tomorrow

SAE Creative Media Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate certificates in a range of short courses to support Australia’s $111 billion creative and cultural industry - set to boom in the coming decade.
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SAE provides short course opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate level qualifications. These courses are also subsidised by the Australian Government for eligible, Australian residents and citizens.

The Commonwealth Supported Places, or CSP, will enable professionals to upskill in a 12-week short course, for the jobs of tomorrow.

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate short courses offer the opportunity to transition to a full SAE degree or an SAE master’s degree.

Gaining skills in areas of anticipated skills shortage of the future provides students with a point of difference with employers.

Entrepreneurship, design & critical thinking and emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are highly prized and in-demand skills.

What is a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)?

A Commonwealth supported place (CSP) is a place at a higher education provider where the government pays part of your fees. This part is a subsidy, not a loan, and you don’t have to pay it back.

This subsidy does not cover the entire cost of your study. The remaining portion is called the ‘student contribution amount’, the payment of which is paid to SAE for the course.

A CSP is available to domestic students – Australian Citizens and Permanent residents.

What a Short Course can offer you
Gaining skills in areas of anticipated skills shortage of the future provides students with a point of difference with employers.

How do I find out more about CSP?

The Australian Government has information on the Study Assist website and this includes a fact sheet on CSP and HECS-HELP.

Visit the Study Assist website for more information.

What SHORT courses are available?

Many of the SAE short courses are online and provide project-based learning using industry software.

The CSP short courses are offered at different times of the year* and these include:

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Augmented and Virtual Reality Application Development
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Game Art
  • Undergraduate Certificate in IT (Virtual Screen Production)
  • Undergraduate Certificate in IT (Scripting and User Experience)
  • Graduate Certificate in Emerging Technologies
  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries
*Please note courses listed may not be available for every intake. Please check the course section for more information.

Courses subject to availability

SAE short course intakes
SAE short courses launch three times a year - in March, July and November.
All short courses mentioned in this article may not be available year-round - so please check the 'Courses' section of the website for further information.

How can I apply for a short course at SAE?

Applying to an SAE short course is easy!

Add in your details in the Apply Now form and select the Short Course you are interested in. An SAE course advisor will then be in touch with you to discuss your candidacy for the course and further outline the steps in applying for the short course and CSP.

Alternatively, you could give SAE a call on 1800 723 338 to discuss your study opportunities at SAE and short courses.

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