Further Institute Information


SAE pride itself on providing a thriving student experience whilst studying and makes a commitment to supporting your experience whilst studying.For information regarding supporting your experience visit student wellbeing  For information regarding SAE grievance procedures or to lodge an appeal please view our grievance procedures and policy.


SAE Participates in tertiary education admission centre programs within New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria allowing students to easily apply to study in one central location. For further information regarding admission centres we participate in please visit:

QTAC ( Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre)

UAC (NSW Universities Admissions Centre)

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre)


TEQSA is The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) - Australia's independent national regulator of the higher education sector. It aims to uphold education standards for students across various areas of student education experience. Each year SAE participates in regulated surveys to ensure TEQSA standard are met. For further information regarding TEQSA ( Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency) SAE participates in a variety of student satisfactory surveys including QILT. For further information regarding QILT.


To grasp and indication of the likely peer cohort of new students at SAE, please review our current student profile.