Experience Based Entry

SAE recognises that preparation for study is not restricted to formal educational attainment and that valuable skills development can be gained through relevant experience.

Our Experience-based Entry Scheme allows you to be considered for entry to an undergraduate course through an assessment of your ability to succeed in higher education.

SAE will review applications on a case by case basis if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age

  • Do not have the formal qualifications required for direct entry

  • Seek admission to courses on the basis of your aptitude for higher learning and skills development through professional, work, life experience and non-accredited study.

To apply via Experience Based Entry, students are required to undertake an interview with an assigned representative of SAE and provide supporting evidence that may include:

  • Records of any formal educational qualifications attained

  • Evidence of any informal studies undertaken

  • References relating to work history relevant to the chosen field of study (if applicable)

  • A resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • A portfolio of relevant materials that demonstrates creative aptitude, knowledge, technical skills and abilities. 

In addition, candidates may also be asked to undertake an exam or written assignment to satisfactorily demonstrate the capacity to meet the course requirements or provide examples and/or portfolio of work.

In all cases, Experience Based Entry into a Higher Education course will only be granted to students with a minimum Year 10 level of schooling.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students who do not meet the Direct Entry requirements for SAE Higher Education Programs are encouraged to discuss their personal circumstances with the SAE admissions team and arrange for an interview. Free call SAE on 1 800 723 338 to speak to the admissions team.

In addition to the elements of experience-based entry, SAE acknowledges that a range of evidence including, but not limited to community engagement prior work history and family commitments can provide evidence as to a student’s suitability for entry into SAE Higher Education Programs.

Current year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders are also encouraged to apply for our Creative Indigenous Scholarship.