Global Licensing

Since 1976, SAE has been the global benchmark for Creative Media education, delivering cutting edge, innovative and high quality education that is focused on the needs of industry. SAE currently has nine licensed partner campuses in operation and we welcome the opportunity to discuss expanding our network with interested and experienced parties.

Licensing opportunities

SAE is the world’s leading provider of creative media education. In addition to more than 39 Navitas owned and operated SAE campuses across the globe, there are currently 8 independently owned SAE Licensed Campuses.

SAE’s licensed campuses operate pursuant to a License Agreement that grants rights to the licensee operator to use SAE’s IP, branding, curriculum and trademark in a designated territory.

Our licensed campuses enjoy a high level of support from a team of experts skilled in all aspects of creative media education and international academic management, whilst maintaining the flexibility to be responsive in their local market.

Our licensed campus portfolio is growing steadily in response to the changing face of higher education, creative industries, and job markets in the global landscape.

By becoming an SAE Licensee, you have an opportunity to be at the cutting edge of global creative media education, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in our ever-changing world.


If this is the opportunity you have been waiting for then we would love to hear from you. 

Application Process

  1. Enquire – Register your interest by clicking on the 'Contact Us' button below and completing the Expression of Interest form.

  2. Apply – Upon review of your Expression of Interest, we will email you a ‘Licensee Application Form’ to complete.

  3. Review – We will review your application in detail and contact you with our feedback.”

  4. Confidentiality Agreement – If you meet our initial criteria, we will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure the mutual protection of sensitive information.

  5. Meet with the SAE licensing team – You will meet with the Head of Licensed Territories and the Director of Academic Quality Assurance to ask questions and discuss commercial terms. At this stage, you will be provided with various curricula and program options.

  6. Draft Agreement – If your application is approved and agreement is reached on commercial terms, we will draft a License Agreement. If you are satisfied with the terms of this agreement, we will then invite you to visit one of our campuses along with a member of our Licensing team to observe an SAE campus in operation.

  7. Final Agreement and Signing – Once all legal pre-requisites are met, approved and finalised, the License will become active upon the signing of the License Agreement and full payment of the License fee.

  8. Campus Preparation and Set-up – At this stage you will be establishing your campus facilities, recruiting staff, obtaining local accreditation, and finalising your program offerings. Upon signing of the License Agreement, you will be provided with access to our repository of Learning and Teaching Resources. We will support you during this stage by providing assistance and training from our experienced team of academic and business specialists.

Campus Opening – Once your campus is approved and ready to open, you can start delivering quality creative media education as part of the global SAE family!

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