Global Licensing

SAE has been setting the global benchmark for creative media education since 1976. All SAE Institutes deliver cutting edge, innovative and high quality education that is focused to the needs of industry.
Courses are delivered in a range of disciplines include Film, Animation, Audio, Games Development, Design, Music Business and more and from short courses through to Post graduate qualifications.

Licensing opportunities

Currently there are nine SAE campuses around the world, which operate under an agreed licensing model.  These licenses are issued in specific territories and grant the licensee access to SAE’s IP, curriculum, brand and trademark in exchange for a license fee and on-going royalties.
Operational guidelines and Academic quality assurance are provided as part of the license arrangement with a licensing team available to support interested parties who are keen to take advantage of the growing higher education sector and creative economy.

Steps to becoming a Licensed campus

Obtain a thorough understanding of the education sector in your territory along with the opportunities that exist within the creative media industry
Register your interest by completing our Expression of Interest form online or by emailing
Obtain a prospectus
Once an Expression of Interest is received, depending on whether a license is available in your territory, you will be issued with a prospectus. The prospectus outlines how the licensed campus model works and provides considerations prior to making an application.
Application form.
We’ll forward you our application form to complete. This application form will require financial documents, resumes and background information. 
We’ll look over your application to make sure everything is in order and if we have any questions we will contact you.
Confidentiality Agreement.
If you meet the necessary criteria, we’ll send you a confidentiality agreement ensuring sensitive information is maintained.
Meeting with the Licensing team. 
This is the chance for you to meet with our Partnership Managers, ask questions, review the application form, discuss commercial terms and discuss your future plans.
Should all aspects of the application and discussion align, then a licensed agreement is issued. If you are satisfied with the terms we would invite you to visit one of our campuses to experience SAE for yourself.
Review Period
At this stage, legal documents are reviewed and approved or declined.
Final agreement and signing
If all legal requirements are met, approved and finalised then the license will become active upon payment of the agreed license fee.
Campus preparation and set-up
At this time you’ll be establishing your campus, finalising academic and local accreditation requirements, recruiting staff etc. Student recruitment can commence at the time as long as all local regulatory requirements have been met and there are no issues with the proposed opening date of the campus.
Campus opening
Once you and the SAE Licensing team agree that the campus meets all requirements you’re able to start delivering quality creative media education as part of the global SAE family.


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